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Alpaca scarf - Cloud Grey

Alpaca scarf - Cloud Grey

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Alpaca monochrome scarf - Cloud Grey. Entire scarf is made of a single colour, including fringes. It shines beautifully in natural light conditions shading eye colour and combines perfectly with colourful clothes or otherwise makes a bright colour spot on grey or beige clothes.

Alpaca scarves are made of a hand-woven alpaca blend. The finished weaving is then brushed repeatedly resulting in a luxuriously soft material. 
These scarves are unisex and fit well any clothes, giving smart look to both casual and business style coats and trenches.

• Super lightweight, warm and soft 
• ±190 cm x 60 cm (74.8" x 23.6") 
• 80% Alpaca, 20% Polyester 
• Hand-crafted in Ecuador


Warmer than wool and softer than silk

Alpaca wool is one of the most exclusive wools in the world. It is very light and as soft as silk. Thanks to the hollow fibre in the blend it is insulating in the cold and breathes with heat. This makes alpaca wool very comfortable to wear in different weather conditions. 

Hypoallergenic and not pricking

Alpaca wool contains no lanolin and is therefore hypoallergenic. The pure smooth fibre does not scratch and prick the skin. Are you allergic to sheep wool? 90% chances you are not allergic to alpaca wool.

Washing - Hand wash cold, can be machine washed on a 30° delicates or wool program. 
Drying - Once the scarf is washed and spun, pull it to shape and dry flat, avoiding direct sunlight. 
Ironing - We suggest to use a steamer. If you use an iron, put a towel on top of the scarf then iron it at low temperature. 
Maintaining - Alpaca is just like hair and can get a little frizzy over time. To restore your scarf to its original glory, brush the scarf in the direction of the fibers with a soft bristled brush. Follow by steaming in the same direction.

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